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Detective magazines, comic books and early fetish magazines In the early 20th century, Detective magazines covertly provided a way of publishing bondage imagery. Likewise, Fox Broadcasting Company has also dedicated an entire evening programming block to adult animation programs, known as Animation Domination. Foot fetish pornography features heavy emphasis on the feet of the participants, either in combination with kissing and genital sex or in the context of acts such as trampling or milf porno crush fetishism. Pornographic films are typically categorized as either softcore or hardcore pornography. The Silent Duck, also called Duck-Billing, is the technique often used in which the person engaging in hand insertion shapes the hand to resemble a duck beak. The arousal from being desperate comes from the sensation of having a full bladder. Clothed male, naked female is one-sided female nudity in which one or more females are nude while one or more men are clothed. Two women tapegagged and cuffed to iron bars Bondage and Discipline are two aspects of BDSM that do not seem to relate to each other because of the type of activities involved, but they have conceptual similarities, and that is why they appear jointly. For legal reasons, the vast majority of so-called reality porn involves professional actors and actresses posing as so-called amateurs. Voyeur pornography may also include shots of topless women on topless beaches who are unaware of the cameras but may legally be photographed due to the public setting. The inside of a smotherbox is often padded to provide support for their neck and prevent their head from moving. Gay-for-pay describes male or female actors, pornographic stars, or sex workers who self-identify as heterosexual but who are paid to act or perform as homosexual professionally. Terminology for roles varies widely within the various BDSM subcultures. Both sexes sometimes apply lubricating substances to intensify sensation. Real medical shots or videos may violate privacy laws in some countries. Wirtualna wycieczka po szkole


Warmińsko-mazurska strefa matematyczna


Pogoda na najbliższe dni roku szkolnego

Główna Aktywny uczeń


Projekt edukacyjny Aktywny UczeńProgram współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu społecznego będzie realizowany od listopada 2009 r. do sierpnia 2012 r. Projekt skierowany jest do uczniów klas pierwszych liceów ogólnokształcących, a jego zakresem jest rozwój i wspomaganie kompetencji matematycznych, przyrodniczych lub społeczno-obywatelskich.

Terminy zajęć z programu

  • Profil matematyczny p. Beata Domitrz
    - grupa M1 wtorek - godz 14.20 - 16.35 (s.07)
    - grupa M2 poniedziałek - godz 14.20 - 16.35 (s.07) 

  • Profil przyrodniczy P1 p. Anna Rutkowska, p. Ewa Bruzgul
    - poniedziałek - godz 14.30 - 16.00 (s.10)
    - piątek - godz 14.30 - 16.00 (s.102)

  • Profil społeczno-obywatelski S1 p.Małgorzata Ladzińska, p. Andrzej Matysiak
    - poniedziałek - godz 14.30 - 16.00 (s.08)
    - czwartek - godz 14.30 - 16.00 ( s.108)


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