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Główna Baczyński Secondary school in Ełk

Our school is situated in Ełk- a beautiful and picturesque town of German origins, located by a vast lake. The whole region where we live is called The Masurian Lakeland, and you can find it in the north- east of Poland. The name of the school is K.K. Baczyński Secondary School No.2 , and the full Polish name of it is: Zespół Szkół nr 2 im. Krzysztofa Kamila Baczyńskiego in Ełk.
baczynskiK.K. Baczyński, photo:
The school has taken its name after Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński- a Polish poet , whose youth dates back to World War II. He lived between 1921 and 1944. During the German occupation of Poland he took part in many sabotage actions . In his poetry, he shows the brutality of war and claims, that only pure love , faith, and strong determination can save us from evil. For us, he is a great ex ample of truth, courage, and a mental strength in difficult situations. His life and his actions teach us all never to give up, and we also want our students not to give up in getting their education in our school.
The school consists of the General Education Secondary School, the Construction Secondary School, and the Vocational School. It was founded in December 1963, and at the beginning it was only a construction school, specialising in teaching bricklaying and plastering. Later, in 1990, a general education secondary school was opened. Now, it is the biggest , and at the same time the most popular school in the region.
szkolaK.K. Baczyński Secondary School No.2, photo:
Getting education in our school takes three ( the General Secondary School and the Vocational School), and four years ( the Construction School ). Studying here ends with A- level exams( except the Vocational school ). We call them matura exams, because here, in Poland, passing them, people consider with gaining maturity.

Our students are aged 16-20. The majority of them attend the General Education Secondary School. We have different classes , and we call them class profiles. Teenagers who choose our school always have the right to choose which profile they want, according to their future plans and interests. We have for ex ample a law profile,a science profile, a journalistic profile or a language profile. Since we tend to be up to date , we sometimes add new profiles at the beginning of a school year, if there is a real need to do this. Every profile has the same compulsory subjects, such as Polish literature, English, the second foreign language to choose ( French, German or Russian ), Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Information Technology,Biology, or P.E. In total, there are about 12 subjects. Apart from that, there are also additional classes, devoted to a particular profile. Science profile students for instance, have extra hours of learning devoted to Maths and Information Technology. The purpose of every profile is to give students the best qualifications and profound knowledge in the chosen area, so that they could easily get to their dreamed university and develop skills which would help them manage on their own at work in their future lives. The Construction Secondary School students also have a list of compulsory subjects. They additionally learn Construction Technology, Estimate and Building Design. It's the same as far as Vocational School is concerned. The difference between these two schools is, that our Construction Secondary School offers more learning hours, and educates construction engineers, and the Vocational school- manual workers, such as plumbers, plasterers or carpenters. In both schools students have extra hours of doing work experience, concerning their occupation.
K.K Baczyński Secondary School is a member of different educational projects, such as The European Union project called The Active Student , the aim of which is developing mathematical , environmental and social skills, or the Archimedes project, realizing additional maths,biology, chemistry and physics classes. Our students have a chance to develop their interests and focus on their hobbies. The purpose of both projects is to give the students the possibility to get better exams results. Apart from the projects, a variety of different events always take place in our school. Every year we organise a number of sports events and knowledge competitions, such as K.K. Baczyński Poetry Competition, or a Great Britain Knowledge Quiz, and we take part in many competitions organised by other schools as well. We also have a K.K Baczyński Chorus, which is very successful, and a Shooting Association, which offers drill classes and a lot of outdoor and forest activities.
We are looking for a partner school from abroad, especially from Great Britain, since English language is the first foreign language taught in our school. We would like to link up with a secondary school interested in forming a partnership based on frequent Internet contact, and we want to take up a partnership project, which would allow us future teacher and student visits. Our aim is to increase the knowledge and understanding of our partner country- its culture,traditions,the school environment, challenges in education and we of course want to brush up the English language. We want to give our students the opportunity to gain cross- cultural experience and develop friendship that will endure for a lifetime. A lot of our students are eager to take part in an exchange programme and they consider it as a great possibility of a challenge widening their horizons. Making such connections would definitely help them operate as free- thinking , responsible and tolerant global citizens of 21st century.

Monika Dorota Sokołowska

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